Busy busy, fun fun

We've been burning the midnight oil, between work and outside projects, and it's very exciting. I'll be posting more soon, but for now here's a shot of the 1/5 finished mural we're doing at this great new bar about to open, called CITY BAR. Shreveport has some great gems, and we'll be sharing more here soon as we discover it (by 'we' I mean a great community I'm finding here where we are all excited about arts and exploring the great unique places here in town).

Next, check out my buddy's new blog -- Brian Haimes is a great fabricator, puppeteer, modeler, sculptor, animator, birdwatcher, handyman and amazing at nearly anything else he tries. His blog showcases mostly his personal projects and interests, and his work is jaw-dropping and cool.

Here's a cute pic of the talented Volkertron, taking a break late one night in between designing books and storyboarding, with my guitar and little baby amp:


Tooninator said...

Joe, seems like you've been re-inspired in the last little while. Awesome, man.

You comin' to the ISCA con in a few weeks?

Jason Seiler said...

Looks like you're having fun man . . . Brian's work is INSANE!

Jamil R. Lahham said...

these pics make me jealous