New Year, NPR interview

Here's a little peek at an illustration for our Moonbot company holidays card... I'll reveal the entire image once the card is out.

We were also interviewed by Red River Radio NPR correspondent and reporter Alexander Kent! Here is our local NPR interview, from last week...


Adam Knopf said...

Hey Joe,
I just have to say that your art is truly inspiring! I am fairly new to caricatures and digital painting, but I have always had such a true passion for it, just never pushed myself to take the next step. I finally followed my heart and am now practicing everyday to improve my art and reach my goals. I know you are a busy guy and probably wont be able to respond but I just wanted you to know your Podcasts and just your overall talent and teaching style is that fuel on the fire! Thank you so much for doing what you do and keep up the awesome work! Hopefully I will be able to attend YOUR seminars one day! God Bless. -Adam K.

Scott C. Hamilton said...

I got the card in the mail a couple weeks back and it went right up on the fridge :)

Thanks Joe!