I hope everyone has no regrets, looks forward with optimism, and has a great new year.

I feel as ready as this little new baby Moonbot!:


Anonymous said...

Joe, In your video tutorials, you talk about providing inspiration to other artists and the inspiration you have garnished from observing the work of others.

Can I just say that you have been a massive inspiration to me, the dynamism, composition and down right fantastic-ism (is that a word?) in your work is a joy to behold.

Cheers pal

Tat - you fan in the UK

Adam said...

Hey Joe, found your blog from your Twitter (just saw that you started following me on there). I saw from your Twitter that it said you were from Shreveport and immediately thought "Oh, I bet this guy works for Moonbot." Sure enough, haha.

Anyway, nice stuff you've got on here. Good to see some of the production art that went into the short film. I'd love to see it.

SEILER said...

This is a great little painting Joe, you continue to grow and evolve! Amazing, you're awesome Joe!

Justin said...


Aaron said...

Happy 2011, Joe!

Anonymous said...

the arms look like penises