Critters, UNITE!

We are playing around with sketches and ideas for a local mural that will be born this summer, and it (of course) has spawned into new ideas, new characters, and a fun sketch. This is a collaboration between the studio (moonbot), ideas of Brandon Oldenburg, Bill Joyce, sketched by myself and painted by Adam Volker. This is not the actual mural image, but a part of the brainstorming process that may end up in it somewhere...

I can't wait to see where this goes...


Missing TCAF

Hey all-

If you haven't heard of it, and are looking for a great art/comics weekend, check out the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) at the Toronto Public Library this weekend. It is the most sincere and incredible art and comics convention I've seen.

I have attended the first two and had a blast. Unfortunately a dear friend has lost a family member and I must stay to support them in any way they may need. So I will not be able to make the show, and I sincerely apologize. For those of you who are in Toronto, have a beer and a maple donut for me, and check out some cool stuff while you're there.

I'll see you next year, if not sooner.