A quick tour of MOONBOT Studios

Here's where I've been camping for the last 5 months. I've been working at Moonbot and with Bill, Brandon and others for nearly two years, but our new studio has been complete for less than a half year, and it's an exciting place, every day:

MOONBOT studios Office Tour from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.


Aaron Wilkin said...

Cool video!!! Looks like an awesome place to work!!!


Sketchbook rules...All the best for the studio!

Vincenzo said...

Wow Guiseppe...I'm so sorry you have to work under such horrible conditions ;)

...I don't think I would ever leave there...all the best!!!

SEILER said...

Looks amazing Joe . . . Makes me wish I worked there, looks like a great time!

Urchinator said...

What a beautiful office, it's nice to see such a spectacular takeoff of a studio from my neck of the woods!

Greg Dohlen said...

Joe, Really cool studio! I love the previews I have seen so far on the making of Morris Lessmore. Beautiful visuals! There is an advertising studio in LA that reminds me of your Studio called Chiat Day. I did some caricatures there for all of the employees one time.
Keep up the great work!