Making of Morris Lessmore

For the next 8 months, we will showcase a portion of the MAKING OF our short film, "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" at the beginning of the month. You can check in at Moonbot's Website, or just come here. Once they are all online, we'll show the entire cut!


Liz Nava said...

wow can't wait to see the film. What was your involvement with this film?

SEILER said...

Looks amazing Joe! How can we see the film? Will it be released!

Joe Bluhm said...

Thanks, Jason and Liz!

The film will soon be available (as will the interactive iPad App!) on iTunes. I will share when it is up, so you can all see it in its HD fullness. :)

Liz, My roles included (but not limited to):

-Visual Development
-Character Design
-Logo/title design
-Environment/Prop Design
-Miniature fabrication
-Color Design/Color Script
-Character/Prop textures
-2D Animation finish

It was a very personal project and team, and we got to wear a lot of hats... very fun!