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This weekend is big for Moonbot Studios, William Joyce, Morris Lessmore, and thusly -- BOOKS.

The American Library Association (ALA) Conference is being held in New Orleans and the Keynote Speaker is my boss and buddy, writer/director/illustrator, William Joyce. Bill will be touting his new robust books series with Simon & Schuster, The Guardians of Childhood, as well as mentioning our short film and iPad App, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

We are quite proud of all this hard work, and it is not often that you get to look at a one-page of what a film is doing and how an independent, small project gets noticed... but in sending out our film poster for festivals, I had a moment of "wow":

I can't help but be proud to be a part of that.

In other news/update-landia, Danielle and I will be at San Diego Comic Con again this year! We will be in a slightly cooler section (closer to my buddies David Colman, Alberto Ruiz, Stephen Silver, Bobby Chiu...), and we will have new statues! We are in the sculpting phase of making casts and molds of some new resin toys. Hopefully Binkus will have a friend this year.

We will also be offering the usual:
Original paintings
Exclusive sketchbooks (new!)
Hardbound books

I'm also going to be doing commissions BEFORE the show, by request only. You can contact me (email, twitter) and request a sketch. They will be $50 and you can easily pay via PayPal, then pick them up at the show. This is something I've been considering for a while... The time and demand of drawing caricatures at the show is big, and when fans want commissions or other sketches, I don't want to shortcut them (especially if they seek me out). So let me know if you'd like any specific request or drawing (other than live caricature) and I can put some good time into it before the show, then bring for you to pick up in San Diego.

(samples below - final 'look' and style can vary)


Cedric Hohnstadt said...

Cool! What's your booth number/location at Comic-Con?

Joe Bluhm said...

Cedric- table I-03 -- let me know what events u r hitting up at Tr!ckster.

Perin said...

is the dyde with the glasses from a japanese street fashion book? he looks so familiar. its amazing!