App of the Year

I can't help but be extremely proud... maybe that's not even the right word. Abashedly jubilant and calmly confident in instincts? Maybe that's it...

Moonbot Studios put out an App this year, called THE FANTASTIC FLYING BOOKS OF MR. MORRIS LESSMORE (modeled/titled after the short film, completed in tandem). I was fortunate to be trusted to creatively lead and design, as well as take on sole management responsibility for this App. That's not to go without saying we have an AMAZING creative team, and we couldn't have done this without EVERY Moonbot.

Another team we could not have done this without is the stellar TWIN ENGINE LABS, also of Shreveport, LA. Keith & Ken (owners/wizards), Nolan, Jacob, and the rest of the team were integral in programming my specific, demanding needs, and are all-stars.

But here's why I'm overly proud: the first UI, App, Storybook, Managed project, creative lead role... has been awarded App of the Year:


Moonbot is amazing! Happy end-of-2011, everyone!


aaron said...

Congrats, Joe!!!!

aaron said...

Congrats, Joe!!!!

Anubhav12 said...


Mark Heng said...

Niiiiiice!!! That's a long way from drawing caricatures in Animal Kingdom!