Diggs Nightcrawler

With the huge buzz around E3 right now, I'll share another bit for gamers.

Here at Moonbot Studios, we recently finished up a project that was a partnership with Exient (in Europe) and Sony (London) called Diggs Nightcrawler, for Sony Wonderbook.

Diggs is a film noir private detective who is forced to solve the case of who bumped Humpty off the wall.  Diggs is framed, so he must find out who was after his friend and is now after him.

The story comes from a collaboration of Sony and Moonbot, but a lot of the inspirado of course comes from the team here and William Joyce.  I wasn't on production for this year-long project, however like many things at the studio, we all have our hands on it a little.

Along with some early story development and such, I was leaned in on for some of the hero character designs.  Itsy Bitsy (spider) was primarily Vanesa Del Rey, Humpty was Adam Volker & Tyler Schatz, and I designed the Three Blind Mice.

I was also lucky enough to have a major hand in designing our hero, DIGGS.  He is a Humphry Bogart type, with a bit more worm to him.  This was fun, and the project and game turned out great.  I'm surprised how it entertains ALL ages, even if it is for a younger market.  There are some jokes that adults will appreciate, nice film references, and layers and layers of details to enjoy.  Check it out if you get the chance. 

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