The Scarecrow

I'm so ridiculously proud of our entire team at Moonbot Studios.  Over the last year we've been working on many projects, and we can finally reveal to parts of those many!  THE SCARECROW is an iOS game and short film done with Chipotle Mexican Burritos.  Our team really kicked ass on this.  Check out the game ASAP -- it's incredible!

This is also very special to me, personally, because I got the chance to art direct, and with a small team.  This left room for more hands-on direction than normal, giving me the opportunity to contribute on character design, concept art, lead storyboards and animatic, create matte paintings, design props, paint color keys, and more.  Our art team really stepped up their game for this film.  I'm really proud of everyone.  A big high-five to everyone who worked on it.

I really really want to congratulate all Moonbots on this:

Lampton Enochs - Brandon Oldenburg - William Joyce - Limbert Fabian - Trish Farnsworth-Smith - Sulivan Parker - Wendell Riley - Barbie Cannon - Sara Hebert - Liz Maw-Naing - Stefanie Riegel - Adam Volker - Bohdon Sayre - John Durbin - Kevin Koch - Beavan Blocker - Nick Maw-Naing - Lucas Ridley - Scott McWhinnie - Jason Behr - Kevin Bradley - Ozan Basaldi - Brennan Chapman - Megan Deane - Gordon Pinkerton - Locan Scelina - Dylan VanWormer - Russell Smith - Kate McFadden - Kendra Phillips - Bethany Lo - Matt Krotenberg -  John Cannon - Nolan Baker - Kathryn Hardey - Heather Shrewsbury - Jackson Blankstein - Calvin O'Neal, Jr. - Patrick Long - LaShea Brittain - Christina Ellis - Christina Faulkner - Alex Beck - Tyler Schatz - Kenny Callicutt - Kim Kuchenbecker - Steven Vekovius - John Hunter - Brady Blade - Mike Martindale - Arthur Mintz - and -  Vanesa R. Del Rey.

This team is amazing, and I'm proud to be here with them.

(behind the scenes)


Andrew Bosley said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! You have my dream job!

Julian Brogden said...

Wow it got over 7 million views on youtube. Congrats man. I was blown away by the animation and the production. Great design work and very well put together. I love it...