Coffee after 8pm sometimes keeps me working late.  This time, I wanted to practice traditional media and approaches that I can improve upon.  Had some fun, lots more to come.


Tank Girl warmup

I'm using brush pens at work today, and it seems increasingly important to warm up with the medium.  Sometimes the warmups end up looking alright, so I'll share them.  "Sketch Dailies" is a great venue for a different topic every day (I don't participate enough!) - so here is my TANK GIRL warmup sketch:


Cool down sketch

Playing with digital techniques, speed, and subject matter that I don't always do (trying to get better every day!)



 It's 2014 and I'm sketching away.  Here are a couple little grabs from a lunch the other day:

click to enlarge



My friend Adam Volker and I held an exhibitions of new traditional paintings a few months back.  It was really fun creating all new artwork last year, and the paintings are now here to view, ask about, or purchase.  I've included some detail shots, since many of them are very large scale.  I hope you enjoy them.


A Comic

We call these "comics", but they are often not comical or humorous. I enjoy the idea of stories or anecdotes, and they hold just as much impact when somber or serious. I'll be working on some visual stories - some funny, some not - from time to time. They are works-in-progress, and I'll clean them up over time. I hope you enjoy them. This one is true:

(click HERE to see it larger)