Satellites - A comic anthology KICKSTARTER

I'm super stoked to say that the KICKSTARTER for our Anthology book has launched!  Just a short 30 days to see if we can get the funds to make this incredible and unique book. Please check it out!


Happy Birthday, Hitch

Alfred Hitchcock was such an influential filmmaker and artist.  He is still churning minds to this day, and I'm still digesting his work anew, each year.  He was born on August 13, 1899 and I wanted to do a quick ink piece for him.  Happy Birthday, Master.



Coffee after 8pm sometimes keeps me working late.  This time, I wanted to practice traditional media and approaches that I can improve upon.  Had some fun, lots more to come.


Tank Girl warmup

I'm using brush pens at work today, and it seems increasingly important to warm up with the medium.  Sometimes the warmups end up looking alright, so I'll share them.  "Sketch Dailies" is a great venue for a different topic every day (I don't participate enough!) - so here is my TANK GIRL warmup sketch:


Cool down sketch

Playing with digital techniques, speed, and subject matter that I don't always do (trying to get better every day!)