With today's preview in Shreveport (tonight!!! make sure you come see it), we are launching MorrisLessmore.com! I designed this site earlier this year, with direction from co-Director of the film, Brandon Oldenburg, as well as the talented web developer Austin Meyers. It is ready for you to take in, see, love, and watch for updates on the film, clips, and appearances/screenings!



Morris Lessmore ART SHOW and PREVIEW!

I am SUPER DUPER stoked to announce:

This coming Friday (one week away) we will be hosting a PREVIEW of (our) Moonbot's first short animated film, "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" here in Shreveport.

There will be a "making of" art show at ArtSpace, and when you get your ticket, that's also good for one of the five preview screenings at the Robinson Film center.

Last, this, and next week we are taking our time and attention putting together a beautiful show which will put you behind the scenes, share the process, and show you the art and work it takes to put together a 15 minute "CGiature" (cg animation + miniatures... I know, sort of a goofy coined term).

We will all be there, there will be food, art, miniatures, drinks, video, film, friends, and my parents! (blush) -- get info and tickets here, and come enjoy the evening. This team has worked so hard and the talent is immense. It is beyond a privilege to be working with William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg, and many other craftsmen and storytellers. The talent is high, the result is fun, beautiful, magical, and I really feel this is the start of something big. I hope some of you can make it, and I'll see you there!