Florida Film Fest Q & A

Just a little (mildly embarrassing) interview Brandon, Adam and I conducted alongside Bill Plympton at the Florida International Film Festival. Thanks to a big fan, supporter and indie filmmaker Jennifer Vargas:


DOWNLOAD and WATCH Morris Lessmore!

It's finally here...

You can now download our short film, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore! This project is very near and dear to me -- taking up nearly two years of my life and an amazing team at my new home, Moonbot Studios in Shreveport, LA... and you can finally see it!

CLICK HERE to get the film, and be sure to share the link and the film with others. I know you will enjoy this. And get ready for the App, as well (coming very soon...)


our film at STARBUCKS


NOT ALL stores will have this feature with their WiFi... The only locations that won’t have Starbucks WiFi service are licensee stores (stores owned by Target, Barnes & Noble, Airports, etc.). Please be sure to share these specific details with whomever would like to watch Morris Lessmore at Starbucks on May 27th – 30th.

If you have any questions about if a Starbucks is corporately owned or a licensee store, please call Starbucks Customer Service @ 1-800-23-LATTE. Their customer service is outstanding and very willing to help.

Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) and Starbucks Coffee are teaming up to screen seven films, nationwide, during the upcoming 2011 festival, and we are among that small field selected!

So from Friday, May 27 to Monday May 30, you can pop into ANY Starbucks in the United States, log into their free wifi, and watch our short film, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, as well as a short behind-the-scenes making-of segment.

Make sure you grab your friends, grab a latte, bring your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, or any wifi device and watch the film!


Apple likes us!

With the release of our new Interactive Storybook App getting near, Apple is excitedly sharing it with others at trade and promotional events as one of the top new innovative Apps utilizing the power of the iPad 2. Our App is set to release later this month, but for now you can read some kind words about it HERE, on the Silicon Valley Mercury News.

Here is an excerpt:
The other day at the Apple Store in San Francisco, team members offered this newspaper a sneak peek at some of the latest and coolest apps to come down the pike, including a few not yet released to the general public. Here are our favorite five: ... The problem with apps is that they increasingly defy description. Take this creation of Louisiana-based Moonbot Studios for example ... this app deftly weaves together the tactile with the emotional, leaving the user mesmerized by the journey.

Needless to say, we are super-excited and can't wait to share this new App with you. We will share when it is available on the App Store, so you can experience this new interactive experience! I am proud to say that I was the lead developer and designer on this App, and to have it being promoted by Apple before it's available is an incredible honor, and I'm sure you will LOVE it.


Making of Morris Lessmore

For the next 8 months, we will showcase a portion of the MAKING OF our short film, "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" at the beginning of the month. You can check in at Moonbot's Website, or just come here. Once they are all online, we'll show the entire cut!