Morris Lessmore DODOcase for iPad

It's pretty cool when a film we worked on and created from scratch is loved so much by book-binding fools who love technology (a perfect fit for us!), and even cooler when they are inspired to create an iPad case which looks just like Morris' personal book, in our movie.


more sketching

(click image for a closer look)

Here are a couple hipsters, drawn to warm up this morning, and for "Sketch Tuesday" at our Moonbot Studios blog.


new sketches!

Hot off the press, drawn tonight, just for ye.

(click image for larger version)

BIRDS - you can't make this stuff up. AMAZING and ridiculous looking creatures, I am fascinated with them. There are a few subjects that I can't draw enough of, with various looks, personalities, shapes... one of them is definitely birds.

So. Blog silence. Yeah, I'm sorry. It's been so busy here in MOONBOT land. I've been traveling all over the globe for presentations, festivals and research. We've been cultivating our next batch of stories to tell the world, and we're really excited, so forgive me for the intermittent absence.

One last note: the iPad App of which I was lead developer and designer, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, is up for an ADOBE MAX Award! You have until 5pm EASTERN time to vote for us, so click here, scroll down to DIGITAL PUBLISHING and click on Morris! We really appreciate it.