Fellow Artists

Working with fellow craftsman is exhilarating, refreshing, motivating, and inspiring. I'm fortunate to currently be in an environment where a lot of young and fresh talent is around me and hungry.

Too many names to call them all out, but today I'll share one. Every time a valiant member of our Moonbot team moves on, we have a tradition of caricaturing them. Being a former caricaturist, this falls upon my hands. It is always bittersweet.

Today I'm merely sharing one of these sketches with you. Animator Dominic Pallotta. A stand-up, talented man.



We are swinging full on a big production here at Moonbot Studios, as well as painting a fully-illustrated picture book. With all this 'big' art being done, it's fun to take breaks to do 'small' art in my spare time. I've been doodling with a ball-point pen on Post-It notes during meetings and lunches.

Sunni Brown gave a wonderfully inspiring and fun TED talk on doodling and how it benefits the workplace/school. It's really great, and only 5 minutes long, so you should watch it!

Here is a snapshot of one of our story meetings last week:

(click image to enlarge)

Oh yeah...

and here's a teaser trailer to our next project.



Morris Lessmore DODOcase

It was really fun illustrating and designing the DODO case sticker for the Morris Lessmore iPad case. If you've got an iPad, pick one up!