Moonbot's MORRIS LESSMORE book out, Today!


I was fortunate enough to lead this project, and illustrate a good majority of this book here at Moonbot Studios.  Not to be overlooked, Vanesa R. Del Rey did all the inked spot-art in this book.  She is a force.

One thing I am ridiculously proud of here, is that we could have repurposed the images from the Academy-Award winning film.  We could have painted over the stills.  It could have been a cut-paste situation, but I fought hard for a certain style and, more importantly,  the concept of doing ALL NEW original art for the book.  The fact that we did that makes me proud to say that we, at Moonbot, do carry out our thesis to the fullest.  And if you've seen the movie, rest assured this is new and different.  Same story, new art.  You'll love it.

You can get the book at your local bookstore or shop online at one of the many retailers.