REJECTS blog #1

Hey there. My name is Joe Bluhm (pronounced "bloom") and I am an artist who currently lives in Orlando, FL. I won't lie, I am copying some of my friends and role models with this blog idea, maybe to get some more exposure and force me to draw a bit more. This seems to be the inspirado location!

<< If you want to see some of my work, check out the link there, to go to JoeBluhm.com

I chose the name "REJECTS" because it's popular in the retail caricature industry - describing a drawing that was either not purchased, returned or redrawn. I am also working on a short art-book to be out this summer on the subject.

So... expect caricatures, expect sketches, expect paintings, expect digital work, and drop by to see if I remember to update!


tooned said...

Joe looking forward to see some of your work posted.

Mr Bill said...

These are easy to start, hard to keep up. But, you're young..

Lord Grayworth said...

Hi Joe,
My name's JoaquĆ­n Aldeguer, I tried to contact you some times but...something happened...I hope we could keep in contact...

Good luck with the blog!!!!

Kind regards from Spain!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

Get yo' Unicorn on at 53rd & 3rd.