Last Day in Tampa

I'll be in Tampa, FL until Wednesday morning. This is my last true workday at Busch Gardens. I've had a blast and even gotten the wonderful opportunity to meet and draw some fun local artists (jimmy, susanne...). I'm trying to put in my last 8 hrs., finish an illustration for the C-Ville Weekly, correspond with (and write BIG checks for) the Book Printers for REJECTS, and keep up with this blog.

I'll have lots more to say in the next couple of days. For now, take a minute and go to the REJECTS website and give me your email, at the top of the page. I promise you that my brother Keith, and myself, will be the only people with access to it and we will not abuse it. This is to keep you alert on updates, changes and news on the website, the book's release, availability announcements (stores, conventions), and the chance to win a FREE book.

Thanks a bunch!

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