dropping a DEUCE

WARNING: The following post and link contain material that may be offensive to those without a twisted sense of humor. My lingo pales in comparison to the content HERE, so please proceed with caution.

So almost a year ago some twisted freaks decided to make the best of what would normally be a sad and trying situation. My buddy Len decided to take up a new hobby of "not walkin" and then cried about it. After crying like a little baby girl, he thought maybe he'd have a pity party thrown in his honor. But to his surprise, everyone got drunk, sang awesome songs, watched animation, made artwork, and partied for a whole weekend in a haunted hotel during a cold winter. Holy crap.

So now Len is still a giant baby-girl and wants to sob some more. By sobbing I mean hemmoraging blood, and by hemmoraging blood I mean party like a freak. This was the best time I had last year and I just decided it's not worth missing, so I'm all paid & registered and ready for CRIPPLE CON 2. (not an 'average' art convention)

Best part is, it's really cheap, you get to stay in a haunted hotel in Kansas City, look at awesome art, and party with awesome artists while you create your own twisted images (see below image: my most "accurate" drawing last year). I sincerely have nothing to do with organizing this, and have nothing to benefit, financially... I just have some awesome friends that I have not seen in about a year, and this party is a hell of a time. I really mean it.

So check it out and if you have a stomach and a solid pair, I'll see you in KC in mid-January. One thing worth noting is that they have great gift bags when you show up, but you can't really get one unless you register before December 1st. They have a lot to prep and it would be great to sign up soon. It's easy and if you don't want to risk your check the mail, you can literally pay the measly $45 in seconds, here.

It's really a great time, I promise you that.


ramanjit said...

happy birthday..livelong life.

Aaron said...

Hey,Joe. You should post your drawings from the big con.

KEV said...

you should post up some pics of your NCN sketches. (if you have any pics.)