Here are more recent sketching pages. Relaxing and brushing up on old man faces:

(click image for larger view)
and setting a goal with drawing ability for graphic novels, sequential art, illustration and storyboards...

Task 1= hands:
(click image for larger view)
These are all done with a light Copic marker then inked with a Pentel Pocket brush pen.

Just on a random fun note, I watched Pixar's UP again last night... once again, brilliant.


Tooninator said...

the hands are brilliant. I love your posts.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was looking at some Will Eisner sketches Joe.

Very nice work


Toby K said...

Wow, awesome sketches Joe!


Cosmin Podar said...

Again, I like this sketches a lot

SEILER said...

Wow your hands need serious work man . . . especially if you want to break into the Graphic Novel industry. Beautiful sketches Joe, you know I love ya . . . those hands kick ass bro.

Marvin Lorenz said...

I love those sketches! Really nice, man!

Adrian Lubbers said...

Great hands. I thought all you "gifted" guys just whipped stuff off and didn't actually do studies. LOL.

Thanks for sharing Joe. Always inspiring.