App icon design

At Moonbot Studios, we generally are not the kind of artists who pigeonhole colleagues, artists, or simply have ONE role or task. Being a storyteller, storyboard artist, character designer, illustrator, concept artist and art director, I feel strongly that a story, product, app, film, book... whatever medium you tell a story, can be packaged better if a core team has a lot to do with the overall design. I'm not a graphic designer by trade, but I definitely have flexed that muscle my entire life, and consider that to be part of my artistic bag of tricks, and being a primary story artist, character designer, and art director on Morris Lessmore, puts me in the position to know the "feel" of what the app should be, so I am glad we operate a little different here, and wear so many hats. It's not just an economic decision, but I feel an effective one for the purity of a story.

I have designed the app icons (and much of the interactive UI design) for our Apps at Moonbot, and logo & icon design is something that really interests me. I thought it'd just be a little fun to share the 'final cut' of designs for the app icons considered for these two apps, "The NUMBERLYS" and "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore".

What do you think? Did we pick the right ones?


more sketching

Sketching on Post-Its, during meetings. This seems to be a fruitful practice, as I discovered here.

Just for funsies!

(click to enlarge)


Character Design sketches

Haven't blogged much - lots going on here, having been nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD (lol - whoo!). But here's a MOONBOT 'Sketch Tuesday' preview. It's a design I was working out for a potential partnership project here that didn't fly. Just some early exploration, whittling it down. Hope you dig: