Live Caricatures #2

Here are some more live caricature samples from the same graduation party in November, with Ed Steckley. I've had the pleasure of working next to Ed nearly a dozen times since we both (coincidentally) moved to the same neighborhood in Queens (NYC) nearly two years ago, and he always inspires me in one area or another.

I am fortunate to be currently working on a project that Ed is also involved in. I really enjoy collaborating with talented artists that I respect and admire... and tease.

For many of these sketches I was going for speed and simplicity, and a few were an exercise in fast pencil rendering and form. It was a fun group and they were really relaxed.



cademan said...

Sah-weet. Been checking out your stuff for a while and it's very inspiring. Thanks for posting so much.

Keep up the good fight for liberty too. Ron Paul is the man.

Faboun'e said...

The Thirst is ... oh man you 're a few hard with your subject anytime .. !! But htis is great !!! ;)

Josh Spencer said...

HAHHA! those two girls at the top look EVIL! love these loose pencil ones Joe.

chris chUa! said...

yay, more live sketch posts! more! the top smaller girl is great, heehee.

Marion said...

Yes, live stuff at last!!
How fast is fast?