Live Caricatures

I was browsing through my backup hard drive the other day - it's full of files, images, photographs, artwork, etc - and I came across a folder full of live caricatures that I've never shown more than one or two people. Some were from theme parks and some were from gigs.

Live caricature is an amazing form of art and calculation, from an artist/problem solver's perspective. I have said before that I will never lose my enthusiasm and fascination for this form of art, and that still holds true. I'd hate to leave these images unseen, so I've decided to post them here.

In between "real time" posts on this blog, I'll be revisiting what I started - a live caricature blog. I don't intend to keep it exclusively to this topic, but I've been busy with a few big projects that are eating up my time, so until I get back to posting about illustration, character design, fine art, art-book publishing, and digital painting, I'll pepper in some old live caricature.

I'll start by giving you a high school graduation after-party that my friend Ed and I entertained back in November. I gave a crack at using a thick-leaded (clutch) pencil for some of these sketches because it is Ed's fancy.

Ed Steckley is one of the best live caricaturists I've ever seen (you can see him in the mirror on the right side of the first photo). He's also one of the best illustrators and story board artists around. His drawings are always exaggerated, stylized, funny, cute, clean and fast. There is a rare quality to his work and I feel the need to step up both my speed and quality when drawing next to him. Needless to say it's impossible to keep up with him in either category.

(If you like this style of art and haven't done so already, visit RejectsTheBook.com and order yourself a copy. I promise that you will enjoy it.)


Tom R said...

I can se the Ed influence in that second drawing of yours. I get the same way when drawing next to him... my head shapes get crazier and crazier.

Ed would just poo poo the compliment, but I agree he is one of the best live caricaturists I've ever seen.

jert said...

the 2nd drawing looks just like a steckley....btw, he loves it when you talk about his mom while he's sitting next to you drawing.

Maria Bolton-Joubert said...

Why do you still think you can drid?

Skim said...

aweesome caricatures as always!

Anonymous said...

Just for the sake of curiosity I was wondering what kind of thick leaded lead holder you were using? The only one I know of is made by a German company called Graffiti, and they're very hard to find in the USA, and I want one.

ramanjit said...

ur master in carricature work guru