There are many artists that influence me for many different reasons. Sometimes it's their professional work, sometimes their sketchbook, sometimes it's their personality, sometimes it's their drive. These artists are usually very hard-workers and I can see some of myself in them or their craft.

Stephen Silver

This book says it all. Steve has accomplished more than most anyone I can call a friend, and he does it by working his tail off and having the support of his awesome wife, Heidi. I look at this sketchbook (one of his 3 published) every week and gain new inspiration for line, design and cartooning. Steve will always inspire me to work hard, keep drawing and go for what I want.

Tom Richmond

Tom is a smart man. Aside from his obviously ridiculous skills and earned talent (drawing nonstop as well and attending life-drawing every week), he has a personality that is honest, raw and real, and I appreciate that in his work and in his words. His blog is my favorite daily read. I never thought I'd say that about anyone's blog... but it's very true.

Sebastian KrΓΌger

He is a master. He is the master. No one can paint like him, in acrylics, and few in history could handle a brush like him, with any medium. I never fail to be inspired by his control and chaos, his raw, amazing talent. I met Sebastian in 2003 and what's very important to me is that he's fun. He is a smartass sarcastic punk-rocking gentleman. His friend and wife (reps) are amazingly polite as well, and that speaks volumes. Another artist worth admiring in every way.

Jan OpDeBeeck

Jan is another caricature master. I met Jan when I met Sebastian, and I can say that Jan is one of the most honest, interesting, intelligent and kind individuals I've ever met. He is too modest to know that his caricatures inspire thousands of artists, all over the world, myself included. The first artist I looked up to and emailed when starting in caricature was Jan, and sure enough he was the fastest to reply and actually give me critiques- taking time to draw examples of his words, scan them, and explain. He is a teacher in every way and a talented genteleman as well. Not to mention, his caricatures inspire exaggeration like few in the world.

Now clearly there are many others that I admire and look up to, but I can't list them ALL here- it would take far too long. These just happen to be personal friends of mine, and I can't ever thank them enough for their inspiration. I am also inspired by many others- like my friends Keelan, Aaron, Dan, Ken, Grigor, Paul, Jason, Court, and many many many others. I just thought I'd share a few, though- as I was looking at Silver's Sketches.


Piotr said...

Wow I wish I could meet these guys! So much inspiration I love to stare and then go back to my drawing. But I have to say you are very inspirational as well Joe! You style humor and skills are constantly pushing me, thanks for sharing!

Stingicide said...

It's funny, those four you listed - and yourself - are among my daily inspiration as well. Silver and Kruger especially always knock the socks right off of me.

Melton Art Sketchpad said...

You are an inspiration to many as well.
Good post!

Robert Hume said...

Hi Joe! I'm a little bit older than you, but I VERY recently took up caricature art for the very first time. It's a skill that I've always wanted to harness, but have just been too involved with other projects and what have you in the past to find the time to take the art form seriously(sort of an oxy-moron I know :p).
Long story short, I was introduced to your art for the very first time the other day and have found it to be a REAL inspiration for my art. Your a real pro, and your work is just as inspiring to me as some of the other artists who's names you've mentioned in this post. I hope to see more of your caricatures and art work, and I wish you all the best of luck in the future!

Tom said...

Well, I am humbled to be included in such lofty company. Thanks.

I can quite truthfully say that your work inspires me greatly. I'm excited to be able to watch and follow your career, as I am sure it will be an auspicious one.