LIVE in Tampa

If you get a chance to visit the Tampa area, stop into Busch Gardens during the first two weeks of April. I will be drawing caricatures LIVE for the first time in six months with a stellar lineup of artists, including Joey Judkins, Dion Socia, Brooke Howell, Nick Mitchell and many others.
It's going to be a hell of a great time, so drop by!


jert said...

cool, but if I come can i get a drawing that LOOKS like me? ;-)

californiagrown said...

Dang you Joe - How come you didnt come up and draw with us when i was at Busch?? Ah oh well, have a great time! I do miss that park...

Joey Judkins' Mom (Amy) said...


I just subscribed, unsubscribed, cried over the unsubscribe "sorry to see you go" message, and then resubscribed. It was a matter of clicking subscribe BEFORE I set up the email account on my domain.

All is well, and JoeyJudkinsMom is now subscribed AND you are the #2 RSS feed on MyYahoo page (after my husband's - www.MichaelMain.com).

So anyway... thanks for being so cool with Joey. He's learned a lot from you, and dang... what appears to be your self-portrait caricature/avatar looks a helluva lot like Joey! Or maybe Joey's "what you talkin' bout, Willis?" look has rubbed off on you. Oh yeah, back to you... awesome work.

By the way... I call him Joe-seppie (among other things). And if you happen to wrangle him into jetting all over the country drawing let's-get-high-smelling-marker-ink pictures of people, please don't take him too awful far away from home. And bring him home in one piece.

Great blog. Keep on posting. Joey's step-dad has been in the blogosphere for about four years!

Joey's Mom