Part of drawing is drawing bad and warming up... working out ideas and sketching. It's so important to sketch a lot and then slow down, and I tend to get caught up in speed, deadlines and drawing fast. These are some quick sketches that I did for a couple recent gigs. They are the first step of a finished piece and have so much life where a the finished product lacks, yet there are so many technical problems and general mistakes. I think it's good to show all sorts of work for critiques and review, so here are some quick sketches.

The celebs are very fairly weak in my eyes, and the dogs were very gestural. The Italian Greyhound shows the progress for the final product, and the colored borzoi was an experiment.

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San Diego gig

I'll make Gabe happy and finally post these sketches.
While training caricatures in California for Kaman's Art Shoppes (mid-June, '06), I sub'd for a friend at a gig at a large hotel near the San Diego convention center, for a group of accountants. Along with a few other artists, including good friends Court Jones and Gabe Hunt, I got the rare opportunity to really let loose and do what I wanted (as did everyone else).
This crowd was trying to prove that accountants aren't boring, but 'hip'. I heard nearly every guest talk about this, and being able to read people after years of drawing caricatures, we all knew this and really had a blast - on paper, with our crass wit, and every way possible. The group loved nearly every sketch, even when they seemed offended. It was great.

Each image was completed in anywhere from 10-25 minutes with a Staedtler MarsGraphic 3000
brushpen and shaded with a black Prismacolor Art Stix.

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