Watercolor Sketching

Last week I had the fortune of helping start design on a new project, and I was using watercolor to create silhouettes. At the end of the day, I had the urge to sketch some animals, just for fun. These are just a couple of them. They were quick, but it really felt great to go at something with no agenda, no reserve, no client, no deadline... just sketching for an hour.


The Anthology Project V2

Hey ye all. If you have not yet seen this, check it out... it's called the ANTHOLOGY PROJECT:

Some hella-talented illustrators, designers and sequential artists put this together as a personal project. As you know, when it's a labor of love, it always ends up being among your best work-- this is no exception.

The Anthology Project is a beautifully designed, lush collection of comics from some very talented artists: Joy Ang, Nick Thornborrow, Connor Willumsen, Jeffrey Thompson, Kim Smoth, Christopher Ryzebel, Tom Rhodes, Matt Rhodes, Darren Rawlings, Chris Makris, Ed Kwong, Casper Konefal, Ben Huen, Christine Choi, & Sam Bradley.

The art is original, bright, diverse, incredibly tight, inspiring, and fun. Also, having published books myself, I can tell you that they went all out on the quality and design of this simple and wonderful little book (here's me with my copy!):

Anyway, check out this link -- they are looking to do Volume 2 via KickStarter -- you can pledge a little or a lot, and it helps fund this project. They are also being ultimo-cool about it, too, and offering copies of the book and other goodies to those who pledge. And if they don't get the moolah they need for the project, you don't owe anything at all. I think it's a win-win, so click here and at least watch the vid (for me)!