Sketchbook Ink


But in the meantime:

I think sketching is just as important as finishing a painting. Keeping loose and experimenting with technique, media, speed and ideas helps you grow. These are some sketches from my recent sketchbook- some took up to 30 minutes, others less than 10 seconds. I think quick-sketching shows a lot of life; something often lost if you over-work a piece. (for some reason I LOVE those old victorian/edwardian photographs)

I just put these, along with a few more sketches, on my website in the sketchbook section.


Yay for Plagiarism!

IMPORTANT: I want to be very clear- I'm not posting this to ruin the reputation of any one particular person or paper, but to stand up against plagiarism and copying others' artwork. It cannot be tolerated, and with the internet it's very easy to find such cases. This is an example of something that happens often, and it's time for it to end.

I received an email from a friend today saying that in
a Worcester, MA newspaper they saw this:

..and when compared to this:
..it's safe to say that some artists have no scruples.

update: discussion opened on the subject at ConceptArt.org, HERE.
The 'artist' is a Graphics Editor for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.


Lastly, an example of what IS and is NOT plagiarism, respectively
(via Thomas Nast):


In the wild (mid)WEST (updated 2-19-7)

I just got back from an amazing time at the Midwest Caricature Gathering in Bowling Green, OH - a sort of "mini caricature convnetion" organized by a few NCN members. It was amazing, and had just as much energy as the full-blown annual caricature conventions. I was very impressed with the organizing and the energy, and I hope they make it an annual event.

At these gatherings, we're pretty much given most of the time to create our own inspired caricatures. In their fun competition, I was awarded 3rd place 'midwest caricaturist of the year' aka the BRONZE COW... 3rd place 'midwest caricature of the year' and 'guest of honor award'. It felt great to draw entirely for myself again, and I'll post some more images here soon.


This one's for Rosie

I'm amazed at how two prominent entertainment figures can go at it like little kids. This is just a 40 minute pencil sketch with some digital coloring. Just a warmup sketch.