Fun at work

While watching him work, I did a small Post-It caricature (1.5"x2") of my friend Brian.


British As Can Be

These two were great sports and actually loved this drawing. I remember being a bit dissatisfied by the execution and poor relative face-size in this drawing, but very amused at how silly it ended up. The Brits are a popular summer patron to Sea World, Orlando and were usually my favorite group to draw. They can take almost anything, and this is a testament to their lack of vanity and awesome sense of humoUR.

This sketch was sold in 2004... I like it, but it's not good enough for Rejects.


Another Technical Failure

This little Indian boy was fairly appreciative, as was his family. Too bad the pic is too blurry for the book. This one is over two years old.


Wasting Time?

If a pigman could fly, I would guess his hind-quarters would resist, while his forelimbs give in.

This represents goofing off at work.

Rejects again

Here's another live sketch from a while back. I'm cleaning up images, and this one is just too blurry to publish (damn camera). I was really enjoying this sketch. Strangely enough, the family loved the drawing, and didn't mind the baseball buried into the kid's head. I guess being a Boston fan and getting the Green Monster will help them overlook anything.