Jan's Corpses

The books are finally in the warehouse, and nearly ready for your orders! The publishers are giving the artists at the NCN convention (in Raleigh, NC, starting next week) a first chance to get this great book. If you order from Art Squared Publishing, the first 50 orders will have a signed insert with an original sketch from Jan Op de Beeck, himself.

I should also take this opportunity to remind everyone that by buying directly from Art2Books.com, you support Jan Op de Beeck and the publishers more directly, helping them make it possible to bring you further volumes of Famous Corpses and other great art books from amazing artists. If you find the book elsewhere on the internet, take the time to visit the publisher website directly and support them the best you can. If you are going to order it online, you may as well do your part to keep these books coming.

That's my little service announcement... hehe. I'm now finalizing my seminar for the NCN convention and getting packed and ready. I hope to see lots of you there and have a great time.


Famous Corpses

From the talented Jan Op De Beeck comes a true 'celebrity epitaph roast'. This book is like nothing else you've seen and will have you instantly smiling and laughing. Cartoon illustrations by Emi Sato and written by Danielle Griffith, this book is the ultimate "What did they just say?!" read, skewering recently deceased famous people from around the world.

(animation by Brian Haimes, production by Joe Bluhm)

This book will be available in mid-November from the folks over at Art Squared Publishing, with a pre-sale special only at the National Caricaturist Network convention (NCN) in Raleigh, NC from November 3rd through the 7th. Anyone is welcome to attend the NCN convention, but if you can't make it, simply log your email at Art2Books.com to receive notice when the site is live and when the books are on sale.

Art Squared Publishing will also be carrying Blubber Lubber by Dan Hay and REJECTS (by yours truly), among other titles. These will also be available at the NCN convention, so drop by!


Another warmup sketch

Here's another drawing I did just to play around before continuing a larger canvas painting. I'll hopefully keep warming up and sketching like this... I really have fun doing it.

PS- Lots of special stuff to pop up here soon; check back.


Jerry & Larry, another warmup sketch

To get warmed up for a new piece, I decided to do a sketch of two guys whose comedy I adore, as well as whom I've been meaning to draw for a while now. This is about 45 minutes on the Wacom Cintiq. My intention was to plan a simple line drawing cartoon, but then realized I wanted to see more light/shadow. This would be fun to turn into a more complete painting (a species that I hope to share more of soon).


Paul Newman warmup sketch

A 20 minute digital sketch done on the Wacom Cintiq to stretch out before working on an illustration.