more sketching

(click image for a closer look)
Here are a couple hipsters, drawn to warm up this morning.


busy busy busy busy...

Hey all-

I apologize for the lack of posts -- I've been painting, sculpting, designing, drawing, traveling, planning, writing, boarding... GAH. It's been amazing, but very busy. I'll have more art very soon and more stories to tell.

Very soon, I promise!

In the meantime, here is some inspiration that I use to get myself warmed up...


Royal Bangs

Another quick musical break here on the art blog:

ROYAL BANGS are a band from the musically ripe town of Knoxville, TN - they have a great eclectic, video-game/indie-rock/metal/garage/dance sound that is rare, and wonderful.

They are currently touring and are great, live. Their third album FLUX OUTSIDE will be available March 29 and is promising to be great, based on the first track released, Grass Helmet:

Grass Helmet by Glassnotemusic

They are playing at SXSW in Austin, TX next week, and unfortunately I will have left Austin before they play (damn that work scheduling!) -- but you should NOT miss them! And if you live outside of Austin or cannot make the festival, they are playing LOTS OF SHOWS this year, so see their tour schedule and more over at their MySpace page.

...and no, they did not pay me to say any of this. They just rock.


More sketching!

I've had some fresh influences lately. Just having fun and trying to get better.


Old caricature scan

I promised a few artists in 2009 at the ISCA Caricature Convention that I'd put this sketch up for anyone interested, at a print resolution. I was cleaning my studio the other day, and found it!

If you are one of those pals who wanted it (or even if you aren't), here you go!

Click the image for hi-res.


Musical Break

If you haven't heard of MONSTERS OF FOLK, they are Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst and Mike Mogus from Bright Eyes, and M. Ward from She and Him. Their new album is pretty killer, and here's a video music break:



Here are more recent sketching pages. Relaxing and brushing up on old man faces:

(click image for larger view)
and setting a goal with drawing ability for graphic novels, sequential art, illustration and storyboards...

Task 1= hands:
(click image for larger view)
These are all done with a light Copic marker then inked with a Pentel Pocket brush pen.

Just on a random fun note, I watched Pixar's UP again last night... once again, brilliant.