Happy Birthday, Hitch

Alfred Hitchcock was such an influential filmmaker and artist.  He is still churning minds to this day, and I'm still digesting his work anew, each year.  He was born on August 13, 1899 and I wanted to do a quick ink piece for him.  Happy Birthday, Master.



Coffee after 8pm sometimes keeps me working late.  This time, I wanted to practice traditional media and approaches that I can improve upon.  Had some fun, lots more to come.


Tank Girl warmup

I'm using brush pens at work today, and it seems increasingly important to warm up with the medium.  Sometimes the warmups end up looking alright, so I'll share them.  "Sketch Dailies" is a great venue for a different topic every day (I don't participate enough!) - so here is my TANK GIRL warmup sketch:


Cool down sketch

Playing with digital techniques, speed, and subject matter that I don't always do (trying to get better every day!)



 It's 2014 and I'm sketching away.  Here are a couple little grabs from a lunch the other day:

click to enlarge



My friend Adam Volker and I held an exhibitions of new traditional paintings a few months back.  It was really fun creating all new artwork last year, and the paintings are now here to view, ask about, or purchase.  I've included some detail shots, since many of them are very large scale.  I hope you enjoy them.



A Comic

We call these "comics", but they are often not comical or humorous. I enjoy the idea of stories or anecdotes, and they hold just as much impact when somber or serious. I'll be working on some visual stories - some funny, some not - from time to time. They are works-in-progress, and I'll clean them up over time. I hope you enjoy them. This one is true:

(click HERE to see it larger)



More Sketching

This is an older page from a sketchbook, but I don't think I've shared it. I really enjoyed exploring this style, and want to work on it some more.


traDigital Sketching

The very talented Kyle T. Webster has many abilities, and one of those is to generously create and offer very interesting and fun Photoshop brushes. His work is stellar, and you'd think he often works traditionally, but that is usually testament to his attention to detail in crafting digital brushes and tools which look like natural media.

I've been playing around with his brushes, and they are impressive.  I still keep a small stable of old reliable brushes, but when you want a semi-dry brushed ink, watercolor drops, wet edges, or a scratchy pencil... they are damn close to the real thing.

He has revitalized my interest in trying new techniques in digital art, and I'm grateful.

Thanks, Kyle!  Check out his work and PS brushes here.


TCAF 2014

This weekend will be the first time in two years I've been to Toronto!  This town is one of my favorite places in the world, and I have met way too many cool, kind people to believe that it even truly exists.  Each year there is a great little event called Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF).  I've attended it for years and made great friends.

Anyway, this time I'm not exhibiting or selling books or sketches, but I'll just be hanging out... 

This is little Joey Bluhm in 2007, at his first TCAF.  This was the debut of my first book, REJECTS.  It was where I met many of the great Canadians I know and love today, when they welcomed my art and myself with the warmth only Toronto can bring.  (thanks Sam!!!)

This is 2009.  I was a bit spunkier and cranked out as many extreme caricatures as I could, making even more friends.  I think this is the year that Manale started copying me and drawing ugly portraits... he does it way better.

Here is hair-parted-for-who-knows-what-reason Joe in 2012, my last time in Toronto.  I decided to shake it up and paint Victorian / Edwardian era portrait commissions for about half the price I should have.  I don't know why... it was fun.  I still owe one person their commissions (sorry Ray!  One left to go, I'll see you in a couple days!)  Manale cut off a finger to prove he is 'more extreme' with his penny caricatures.  I still am not impressed.

In contrast to last year, keeping my head down with acrylic paints on wood for 40 straight hours, I'll be very excited to fraternize and have a drink with all the amazing people in Toronto.  No work for me, just seeing great people and enjoying and purchasing great art.  

For those who are looking to check it out, it's at the Toronto Reference Library, it's free, and it's my favorite 'convention' (comic festival) of the year.  Make sure you find the amazingly talented Vanesa R. Del Rey and scope her work, it's incredible.

Hope to see you there!


Paintings, coming soon...

Coming very soon is an update to ObjectArtShow.com - full of original art for sale.

Nearly a year ago, Adam Volker and I decided to put on a fine art show here in Shreveport, and it was a blast. We kicked out an entirely new collection of traditional paintings in a matter of months. We now want to offer the paintings for your enjoyment and possible ownership.  

I'll let you know when the website is updated and the art is ready to be seen.  Here's a little preview:


Brad Bird interview

"Quality is the best business policy."

 This is an old interview with Brad Bird, around the time of Pixar's release of the film that inspired me to move into animation, "Ratatouille".  Brad Bird's sensibility and talent focus has aligned with mine since I've heard a word from him, and his films and work have consistently hit me with a resounding sense of 'correct'.  He inspires me and has an artist's sensibility, yet understands the function and commitment of teamwork and 'big picture' needs.  This is a great listen.


A lucky photograph

Today I snapped this photo of the smallest bird I have ever seen! At first I thought it was a brightly colored dragonfly, but when I crouched down I saw it had feathers. It was flapping around, but didn't seem too scared, so I extended my hand and it eventually hopped onto my thumb!  Thankfully, I had my DSLR with me, but even that couldn't produce a very good photo, as the wind was blowing and I didn't have it in the right macro setting.

What do you think -- have you ever seen a bird this small before?!   (click photo for larger version)

(did I get ya?)