St. Louis Mini Con

In just two weeks (March 2-5) the St. Louis chapter of the National Caricaturist Network (NCN) is hosting an event called a "mini convention". At this convention some great artists like Tom Richmond, Ed Steckley and Court Jones will present feature seminars on broad topics, while others (like myself) will offer small, intimate workshops on more specific areas.

Caricature conventions are amazing events that will inspire your artistic bones like nothing else, and are very worth the time. You can still sign up at the St. Louis Chapter website, and it's not an expensive event, by any means... you don't even have to be a member of the NCN; anyone and everyone is invited!

I will be presenting a small workshop on digital painting for ones self and recording a podcast. It will be a demonstration on how I practice and warm up before I do an illustration (or between jobs), as well as creating a caricature and podcast with the guests' questions and comments included. This podcast will be posted on the web like my other videos, and should offer an insight into the technical side of recording ones own video, as well as thoughts on basic Adobe Photoshop painting, caricature, drawing and the process of practice.

This is promising to be a fun, educational event, so don't miss out.



The Big Story

This is mind-blowing animation, storytelling and caricature. The brevity of the characterization of Kirk Douglas' big characters from this era is stellar. This was the BAFTA winner for best short (by Screwball Films and directed by David Stoten and Tim Watts) and shortly after nominated for an Oscar.

I've been working for a couple studios on a few animation projects and am getting back into it heavily, mostly from the end of character design and creative development, so this is a current peak interest of mine (as well as the reason I've been absent from the blogosphere lately). I'll post much of my work as soon as I am allowed, but for now...

...I am mesmerized:

(click image)


Prismacolor Competition

The good folks over at Prismacolor.com are hosting an art contest. The prizes are big, so check it out.


New Podcast!

...or vidcast or video or podblog or zipidee hooha; whatever you want to call it, I've recorded part of a new digital painting and this time it's an illustration! Check out the Digital Podcast Blog for the rest of this painting and others, or drop by YouTube.

There is lots of information in this series, including some great convention details and seminars I recommend attending. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to give me some feedback and I'll keep recording:

*part ONE of FOUR*