Peer Roundup

Here's a little roundup of a couple friends' work.

Jamil LahhamLaundry Day

My buddy Jamil is an amazing animator.  We had the luck of finding each other at Moonbot, working on "...Morris Lessmore" and winning an Oscar together.  Jamil has since moved to New York and is working on a personal short film that he has been conceiving for a while.  He is sharing his process on a production blog, with images, tests, making-of videos, and more.  Keep an eye out for this guy, and check out the blog.  First video is here:

Stacy Pierce - Freddie Mercury sculpt

Stacy is another great talent I met years ago at a caricature convention, as well as while training artists in theme parks.  Among other things, she is a great sculptor and asked to sculpt my (ancient) painting of Freddie Mercury.  Seeing only the flaws in it and lack of structure, I figured she had her work cut out for her, but she really pulled it off!

More to come soon.