Maurice Sendak`

What an incredible influence on so many creatives.  RIP, Mr. Sendak.



 Lots of things going on - Convention prep, Personal projects, Work stuff, etc.  I'll have more to show soon, but for now here's a little nibble from the sketchbook.  Talk soon!



I'm leading of a team of artist putting together a sort of storytelling collection... a comic anthology-ish thing, and we are super-stoked! It's consuming a lot of my time, and I've wanted to dive into comics for a while, so this is really fun and really educational. Flexing art and design muscles that I didn't expect to flex. Totally worth it. Can't wait. Here's a little peek of an in-progress page (cropped detail):


more sketching

Sketching on Post-Its, during meetings. This seems to be a fruitful practice, as I discovered here.

Just for funsies!

(click to enlarge)


A sketch from 4 years ago

I lived in New York when I did this little marker sketch. Seems relevant. Looking forward to hearing from the good people of New Hampshire, and other places.