RIP ❤ Heather "6 feet of" Snow ❤

A great person who I was fortunate to have known has passed away today. Many artists in the caricature community have been in the presence of the giant Heather Snow. She was tall, loving, generous, and funny as hell.
I got to know Heather while working at Sea World in Orlando, FL. Heather came down South like a lot of us snowbird caricaturists, trying to scrape some pennies from the winter tourists while keeping the rust off of our art knuckles. We met while working near "Shamu Stadium" at the slow stand, and I instantly knew she was as lighthearted as she was tall. Her wild eyes, infectious little joker smile, and self-deprecating humor drew people to her everywhere she went. An instant friend to all, always offering a hand and a cutting joke.
Heather was one of the first people who showed me that you can take yourself a little less seriously, and still do everything you want to in life... she was an artist, she said she'd like to be a comedian, among other things. She was incredible and flowed where she needed to flow, helping all around her see that you can have fun and still follow your dreams. And she achieved them:
Heather was diagnosed with Leukemia over a year ago, and has been battling it ever since. She always has a smile on her face, and though I'm sure it was at times pure hell, worked her ass off for awareness, friends, keeping in touch, and still doing comedy.. and definitely spreading joy. We hadn't been in touch for years (just social media pings), when we started catching up in 2014. She was always happy and loved all, despite having time apart -- Once she was in treatment, she wrote out of the blue:
Heather Snow: you easily queazy?
Joe Bluhm: oooooh... kinda?
Heather Snow: wanna see my bone marrow video? It's not that bad.

(just so silly and open! )
And through it all she kept doing comedy when she could:
I wish I had more time with Heather while she was here. I'm also positive that everyone who knew her feels this way, even those who saw her every single day. But the time I did have working with her and being her friend, as a young artist in Florida, was an immense blessing."
A couple months back, Heather asked me to draw one more caricature of her, for her thank-you cards to send out privately, and wanted it to reflect her love of comedy, her physical state during treatment, and how she stands right up to it. I know this was for personal use, but I don't think Heather would object to me sharing it, as it was done with love, and we all will always love that big 'ol SNOW.

<3 span="">We will miss you, Heather. Everyone do a shot of vodka and smile, share the stories of the times you had with her. My thoughts and sentiments are with her loved ones and family right now. Say a prayer, light a candle, think of them (whatever you prefer), in this tough time. <