My good buddy Brendan is having a release party for his new edition to the SYNCOPATED anthology comic line. His and other artists' work and stories are included in this very cool collection, which he will have available this coming weekend for MoCCA. I'll be in NY for the festival (see two posts below), so I'll definitely be congratulating my buddy with a free beer... for me. Come join us!


Sketchbook, brush pen

I've been finally back to sketching as much as I can, lately. My buddies at work are inspiring and motivating in this avenue, so I'm trying to keep focused. I'm trying to keep my facebook album for "daily sketches" at least updated weekly.

I recently purchased a Pentel Pocket brush pen which has a great sumi-style brush with replacement ink capsules, so you just have to keep buying ink. The ink is pure India ink and flows wonderfully.

My friends jokingly call it the "Hanzo" (as in Hatori Hanzo) for its master-samurai-blade-like qualities and cutting lines on the paper. It can also be pushed heavily on the page to create wonderful bits of chaos. Below are some drawings I've done with the Hanzo, with a detail from one of the sketches. The people are drawn from a great photo book called "Nylon Streets", similar to the line of "Fruits" books, but a bit more anchored to realistic-looking clothes in the US and Europe.




It's officially deep into convention season, and I've already gone to a few this year, including Orlando's MegaCon, New York Comic Con, and the Toronto Comic Art Festival, or "TCAF". This exhibition is my favorite of the year, and this year was no different.

comic artist "J.Bone" gets his 2nd caricature in as many years

t's bitter-sweet that I didn't have much free time to walk around and see what everyone had to offer or show, because there are so many talented artists there, but I was swamped with many loving friends and fans, so I was busy drawing and signing the entire show... but I did get to socialize during after-hours with some old and new friends. It was a blast, and I can't wait until next year.

Coming up in two weeks is the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) Festival. This one has a very similar 'independent' vibe, and it's a great time. It will be my first time hosting a table at the show, and I hope to see you stop by-- I'll be drawing caricatures and selling some new books, so if you're in New York City, check out the show on Saturday and Sunday, June 6-7.

Also featured at my Art Squared Publishing table is the author of FAMOUS CORPSES, Danielle Griffith. Danielle will be signing books that weekend, as well as selling original paintings. If you were lucky enough to get one in Toronto, you know how cool those little framed pieces are!


TCAF 2009

This coming weekend is one I've been looking forward to for quite a while. The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is afoot, and I can easily say there is not an event/ con/ show that I look forward to more!

The people are amazing, inviting, talented and very cool. You MUST come check out this
free show at the beautiful Toronto Reference Library if you have the time. I may live in New York, but I feel like a true Canadian around these folks, and there is not a better place to be this week!

Joe, TCAF 2007
Last time, I was selling my first book, REJECTS, and it went over really well. This year I'll be representing myself and Art Squared Publishing with several books, as well as drawing more finished caricatures, much like in the pages of REJECTS.

Drop by and see what all the hubbub is about... and get Joe's NEW BOOK!