So as I promised, here is a look at our new friend, Binkus :

Binkus will be available exclusively at San Diego Comic Con, later this week! It is a limited run (less than 30!), and this hand-painted, each-one-unique, poly-resin, 4" statue is going to be available at the Art Squared Publishing table (E-09). Less than 20 will be painted, and around 10 statues will be unpainted for you crazy artists who like to DIY or just be different (believe me, I understand).

Designer Danielle Griffith and fabricator Joe Bluhm (myself) will be there to sign, talk, BS, etc. Hope to see you there!


San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

This is a little something I've been working on with artist and designer Danielle Griffith. Danielle designed this little critter and was kind enough to allow me to have a go at sculpting him.

His name is Binkus and you can meet him at table E-09 if you are in San Diego next week for the big show. Binkus is an exclusive, hand-made buddy who will only be found at Comic Con, at the Art Squared Publishing table, where you will find myself and Danielle.

We are currently pouring Poly Resin copies for you and your friends... we will keep updating with more shots of the process and the fun...

...hand sculpted, one-at-a-time molds, hand-painted... this is very limited and each one is receiving unique attention. We are considering selling blanks as well, so you can build your own friendship by painting and customizing Binkus. Let us know if that appeals to you.

Anyway, check back in a few days to see more finished pics of Binkus, as well as shots of the unique fabrication process.