Film, Animation, Picture Books, and Writing


I've been up to a lot the last couple years, including working on a crazy cool short film that will rock the world. My buddy has spearheaded a new approach to film and animation, and I'm lucky enough to have helped in a big way. They are continuing on their path and you will know about them soon enough. I can't wait!

Another very exciting bit of news is that I've just completed illustration on a NEW picture book! It will be out by early 2018 and is a very personal and wonderful story, written by a talented dude in Toronto named Zachary Hyman (you may know him from the Toronto Maple Leafs as a record-setting left wing). I'll keep you posted on when you can pick it up online and in book stores and libraries, but for now here are a few little excerpts and details:

At the moment I'm focusing on writing and starting up a few new projects. I'll be more active online now that I have home studio time, and you can find more stuff over on my Tumblr page, joebluhm-blog.tumblr.com

Lastly, if you are looking for any inquires on work, caricatures, portraits, commissions, freelance story development or design, or anything else you can shoot me an email at joe AT joebluhm DOT com.

Hope everyone is well!