Caricature from Comic Con

You can see more caricatures done at the San Diego Comic Con on my Facebook album, but here's one of a nice chap and artist named Nate:


Sketch Site

This is a cool site where you sketch RIGHT in the browser and it records it... some nice brushes, too. Odosketch.

(note: to play video again, refresh your browser)


Free book & sketching

First, just a reminder that Art Squared is having a book giveaway through Monday. All you have to do is TWEET about the Moving Sale with a link (if you don't use Twitter, this may be french to you), send a link to your tweet along with your shipping address via email, through the contact page at Art2Books.com - and you get a FREE hardcover art book... for real. So go do that, you only have 'til Monday night. The Moving Sale goes through this week, so check that out as well-- free books and discounts.

...Next, here's a warmup drawing I did, to get inspired for a potential new project here at work. I'm very excited about the possibilities on this one, but we'll have to see if it fleshes out. Just having fun with pose and line:


warmups 2

Here's today's 30 minute, no reference warmup digital sketch. The topic is "X-Men"...l earning a lot, feeling good:





Comic Con and Siggraph post to come, I promise...

But for now, here's a 20 minute warmup sketch done at the studio today. Adam and I are forcing ourselves to do more practice and warmup drills, so we stay fresh. Today's theme was from a buddy's doodle blog: '60s FBI agent.

I was trying hard to employ some methods and styles pulled from Adam and the world he's into, and I think this will help me grow in my process and style as an artist... lots to think about there, lately.


Comic Con, Book Sale

I'll post more about the recent (and amazingly crazy) Comic Con in San Diego, very soon -- but for now, there's a sweet sale going on for a couple weeks over at Art2Books.com. They are apparently moving storage location and see an opportunity to unload some books at a great price:

Anyway, it appears you can get a FREE hardcover art book... check it out.