In Orlando...

Well, the Orlando Comic Con was not what I expected.

I'm hoping the organizers will be a bit better at communicating and advertising this event if they continue it. It was possibly the most unprofessional convention I've attended, and I feel they have a lot of refunds to give and apologies to pass around. Hopefully they'll step up their game next year and impress the vendors and exhibitors.

The good part is I got to hang out with a few old friends as well as making some new ones. Everyone that stopped by the booth was great, and I had a good time talking to them, if nothing else. This is one of the sketches done for a big
Sylvester Stallone fan, lover of art, and new friend:

On a separate note, the National Caricaturist Network is having it's 16th Annual Convention & Competition, starting this weekend (Sunday). The convention runs from the evening of the 30th through the banquet, the evening of October 6th. It is easily the best time I have EVERY year, the most inspiring show I go to, the most I learn comes from that event, and the best friendships I've made are there... It's in Reno, NV this year, and you can learn more at the website. If there's ANY chance you can attend, DO NOT miss it. You won't be disappointed... and I'll see you there!


Orlando Again!

I'll be visiting Orlando once again, for the Orlando Comic Convention. You can find me in Artist Alley, booth 111. I'll be selling my book as well as doing live artwork, both on paper and digitally! If you get a chance, drop by the hotel and check out the event. It should be lots of fun.


Prismacolor Sketches

Prismacolor is owned by the company that develops Sharpie markers, SANFORD. I've been using Prismacolor Art Stixx for years, in my live caricature. The pencils are wonderful, and in stick form they are just as great. They're very useful for putting down broad strokes of color and layering, progressively.

The Prismacolor markers are great for toning large areas, sketching, or just getting a controlled watercolor look. They blend well and you can create edges if you know how to use them.

Lately, I've been going to a lot of shows and conventions to promote my book, REJECTS, and I'm signing a lot of books and sketching caricatures of patrons and fellow artists. One thing I've found is that I love using a simple ink-pen, much like a Micron or Pitt pen, but recently I discovered that Prismacolor has just released a fine-tip pen, called the Prismacolor FINE LINE Marker.

The FINE LINE is superior in its durability. It lasts until the ink is gone, and I find that it flows a bit more like a crow-quill or pen nib, despite being a felt-like, synthetic material. The tip holds up, and the ink is quite rich. It's waterproof and doesn't smear with the Prismacolor markers, so I get sketches out like the one above, in just minutes and don't have to worry about a thing.

If you get a chance, I'll be in Orlando, FL in a week for the comic convention, and if you stop by I'll show you more sketches with these materials. Drop by an art store or go online and order a box and you won't be disappointed. They're great for pen-ink work or just sketching.


Podcast #1 - Tom Cruise

I'll be posting videos of digital painting and drawing, including my commentary with thoughts and process. There is a separate blog for these, and you can find it on the right side of this blog, on top of my links section.

Give me your thoughts and suggestions, and I'll do my best to keep it interesting.

Come Get Some...

I warmed up today with this sketch that took just over an hour. This is a piece that I've been wanting to start, but needed an excuse to get over being lazy with my work, and even something as simple as calling it a "warm up sketch" does the trick. It's of B-movie actor Bruce Campbell.

By the way... To anyone who stopped by my experimental booth at the Baltimore Comic-Convention: I thank you! I was trying out some new things and doing some work for a client while at the table, and I met some great people and talented artists. I'll be at the Orlando Comic Con next weekend (22, 23) and have some free time in town, so let's all hang out.


Going to Baltimore to Laugh

I'll be hawking my book in Artist Alley at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend, from September 8 - 9 at the Baltimore Convention Center. There are some amazing artists featured at this show, like Mike Mignola, Sergio Aragones, James Jean, the Kuberts and Romitas, Frank Cho, Jim Lee, and much more surprise talent. Make sure you stop by and say hi. I'll be doing caricatures, like you may have seen on DRAWN!, as well as selling my new book.

On the 7th, the night before the convention, I'll be visiting the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall with a few friends to see my favorite comedian, Brian Regan. Above is a gift caricature I painted after seeing his DVD, "I walked on the Moon" (buy it and love it).


Dan Hay

On page 80 of my book, REJECTS, I mention artist Dan Hay. I learned from Dan that drawing a caricature of a person can be more fun than solving an equation. Dan indirectly taught me that, while it is a problem-solving art, it can also yield different results, far beyond the "correct" solution. Dan would (and does) draw caricatures of individuals in many radical different ways. Even if it's the same person, each drawing will be amazingly different, based on the day, the look of the person, a commentary he's making about the person, a particular observation during that sitting, or any number of other reasons. Dan draws in a great cartoony way, yet implements observational coloring and shading, while not losing that grasp on inventiveness. Few artists know of Dan, and I think he likes it that way... in fact, he'll probably be a bit mad at me for sharing all of this, but I find him far too inspiring and talented to keep hidden.

I visited Orlando, FL last week and dropped by the old stomping ground (Sea World) and was lucky enough to get a caricature sketch by Dan Hay. It's funny, accurate and extreme: