Getting physiCALIENDO

You may have heard of comedian Frank Caliendo, as he's been a cast member of MADtv on FOX for years, and more recently known for his "FRANK's PICKS" on the NFL on FOX. Frank was recently on Letterman twice, making his mark during Impressions Week here in New York (below). I dig Frank's work - he does what I do; exaggerates what's funny about celebrities and people.

Knowing Frank's work, I was excited to do caricatures for his website, along with his 2nd Frank on the Radio CD for his tours. Check out his website, FrankCaliendo.com, and catch him when he comes near you - he does some amazing and hillarious impressions.


Brown Paper Bagsies

These aren't done on Brown paper bags (deceptive subject), but on recycled brown sketchbook paper (kraft paper by Cachet) - I love that as a starting ground, as it doesn't yet hold the darks or lights, so you have a bit more control on volume, in stages.

These are just a couple 'pass-the-time' sketches between projects.. sort of like a coffee-break for office workers. It feels good. Anyway, they are of a couple guys from NEWSWEEK magazine of whom I tried to enjoy shape and exaggeration without thinking of likeness too much - sort of hard to do, but really a great release.

No names easily found. Ballpoint pen w/ acrylic paint.



On the NCN Online Forum, a member submitted a face from a gig to draw for fun. I couldn't pass it up.