at Comic Con

The National Caricaturist Network is hosting a booth this year at the BIG Comic-Con in San Diego, CA. I will be working at the booth with many other talented artists, and we'll be drawing caricatures for convention-goers! We'll also be selling a few books to help promote the NCN, and mine is one of them! Drop by to get REJECTS, some caricatures, some books, and join the NCN, this week in San Diego.

July 25-July 29, booth 5507.



So I promised a free copy of my book, REJECTS, to one person via random drawing of emails. My brother setup a virtual pool of names and generated one. Unfortunately the individual is not responsive, so after 4 offers and a deadline, I chose another email, and that came up a winner!

Congratulations to KEVIN REUTER for winning a FREE COPY of REJECTS! Kevin happens to be an old friend, a great caricaturist, and (fortunately for me) has already purchased TWO copies of the book, making this his third! Thanks for the support, Kevin. I'll have the free copy mailed with your purchase with a sketch inside, the first week of August.

And if you haven't already ordered the book, you can mail a check or pay via Paypal or any major credit card HERE.

I'm only drawing in and signing the pre-orders, and there's only two weeks left.


Orlando Magazine!

The folks at Orlando Magazine had me do the cover for their shiny and wonderful monthly publication. UCF President John Hitt is depicted hoisting a gold bar in the shape of a '1', as he's picked as this year's MOST influential person to Orlando. You can see the original illustration at JoeBluhm.com.

Thanks, Maria.
Don't forget to order a copy of my new book, REJECTS - You get a sketch while you pre-order, and that only lasts another two weeks!



My book, REJECTS, is on the ocean, the new website is up, and the book is ready to be pre-ordered!

All pre-orders (by August 1) will include a small art-print and an original drawing by the artist, and will be shipped the first week of August.

Drop by to order it today! Thanks!


On a separate note, I want to find and thank whoever sent me this pointless and sweet postcard. There was a fun little sketch on the back, and the front had work from one of my newest and biggest inspirations, artist Glenn Barr. It came from Columbus, so I have a few suspicions, but let's just say I'd like to hear from the anonymous gift-giver and thank them. It made me smile.