Sketch hour

I've been working hard on an animated short film lately, handling character and prop design, so in between work and life I try to still give myself at least a couple hours a week to just sketch for fun and practice. This is my time to relax, watch television and just let my brain wander... sort of stretching my sketch-muscles.

Here a sketchbook page from one such session a couple weeks ago:

(these are Prismacolor markers and Prismacolor colored pencils on paper)



A local friend is opening a new bar soon, which is promising to be a good time, and something artsy and new for the city... called CITY BAR. The design was done by my pals
Bill, Adam, and I. We painted the mural at roughly 13' x 5', designed specifically for this space.

After a couple months and dozens of sessions pushing and pulling the colors, we are happy to say it is finished! You can check it out (if you're in the Shreveport area) this week, when CITY BAR opens its doors.

Also, drop in soon on a Wednesday night when they will be hosting an INDIE-NITE, with good indie rock and alt rock to dance to.



Here are some recent sketches from my sketchy von bookus. I am enjoying the errant line of the pen and how charming it can be on its own. Sometimes small areas are nice in their simplicity:



30 minute cool-down sketch

I didn't get a chance to do a warmup sketch this morning, so after work (before heading home) I decided to paint the birthday sketch subject over at the ISCA members forum, Neil Young.

This is a 30 minute digital sketch. Again, trying to get loose with brushes, edges, and color:


Illustratioin Friday: blur

The I.F. word this week is "blur" and that reminded me of softer edges, blurry edges, so I tried to spruce up my textures, edges and soft lights here with Photoshop in this 30 min. warmup painting.

You could also say that this is someone who moves in a blur... or at least he thinks he does.


ISCA convention

Every year I forget what an amazing group of people this is, and what an inspiring event the convention is... and then I go and am reminded in a big way. So many friends and so much inspiration. It's an injection that lasts 10 months, and this past week in Sandusky, OH was no exception. Over 250 people gathering, drawing thousands of caricatures and paintings, sculptures and other art. I cannot recommend this group gathering enough to an artist even remotely interested in art of the figure and face.

Here are a few of the pieces I completed over the course of 3 days. I don't have good photos of all the drawings, but I am most interested in painting, and these were sort of a milestone for me. The photos aren't all that great, and I'll get more of them soon:


This is a cool cat Canadian who makes this face all the time (10"x10", acrylic).

Illustrator Ed Steckley is one of my best friends... and he wears these boots (10"x10", acrylic).

Friends Andy and Nate on one canvas

Marlo Meekins. Those that know her... well, I hope you see it (24"x18", acrylic).