Comic enthusiast and artist John Read has come out with issue 5 of his great publication, STAY TOONED! Magazine. The publication is clean, professional, and pays attention to cartoonists and comic artists. This time through, I'm honored to be a part of the issue and considered worthy of being printed on pages of such great cartoonists. John does a great job, and he does it ALL himself for the love of the art, so support him by subscribing to this truly unique publication.

My buddy Tom Richmond has been profiled, featured on the cover with his incredible illustration, and does a better job of running down what STAY TOONED! offers through past blog posts here.


Cartoonist Survey

Over at David's blog, you can read a quick survey he conducted on myself and many other cartoonists. He's really building up a BIG list, some friends, some artists I admire, and others I'm just now learning about. Very cool idea.


Shreveportians For Drawing!


Come one, Come all, Louisiana locals who care about your craft (or like to drink):



I haven't been drawing much since we ended our shoot schedule for the short film (catching up on emails, etc) but I'll be drawing a bunch this weekend and also doing a painting for some dear friends. In the meantime, here are a few doodles/sketches that I grabbed from my sketchbook, from December (click to enlarge):