Tax Day

Today was busy (spring break, Easter vacations). I was busy busy busy, and when one draws cute and streamlined, big money can be made, so that's the mode I've been in for a few days (got to pay the bills). Today, I saw a couple good faces, and tried to switch gears. This first drawing was done to attract customers as best as possible. I saw an opportunity with a CUTE spanish baby, so I pandered as best I could and took my time. It brought a lot of attention to the stand, including the subject of the 2nd drawing. This was a test in reading people, and the British lady was a great sport about it. She laughed with an "oh, no!" - - - but still payed and left with a smile. It's amazing how differently a caricature can be approached, and very fun to push the audience around a bit.


Piotr said...

Gorgeous Eyes on the baby, and I like how you added the sun burn to the brit!

rickgo said...

that is one damn cute drawing,they really do line up for that stuff.

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