Time & Travel

I've been pretty lazy about getting pictures and sketches up here... I'll be putting up some work this week, or soon enough. I've been traveling all over the place - I was invited to Japan by Central West, Inc. (met them through the National Caricaturist Network - check it out!) and had a blast in Tokyo. I'm in California doing some inspirado training in all these theme-parks, and I may have a big move to NYC coming up.

I've sold a couple drawings (from below), and will have an updated list of what's left here, soon. I'll also post pics/stories from Japan, California, more Sea World drawings and theme-park sketches from all over the place, and give an update on my book, REJECTS (www.rejectsthebook.com - under construction).

I'm here, and I'll keep at this, soon enough... no worries! :)


Lar said...

Exciting stuff, Joe! :) Your Japan trip pics were great. I hope you'll find time to share some stories. Any chance you got slapped like Rommel? ;)

New York?! Whooo!!! Keep us updated.


Anonymous said...

joe- you did two incredible caricatures of my boys at legoland- batman with nike shoes... we had such a great time and will always cherish our memory of meeting you. the caricatures captured my boys- their personality and features . thank you!! would love to send you a picture of your drawings.
sincerely, laura nlnsurtani@yahoo.com

Joe Bluhm said...

Thanks, Laura - I'm so glad you loved them!