Tampa - Day 2

On my second day at work, I had some great customers and drew next to my buddy Dion. It was a blast, but today was a progress day. I was at a smaller stand (different location) with my bestest friendy Nate Graham, and was trying to work the art. I had the luxury of him being a powerhouse salesman and speedy artist, so I took my time a bit. I did many drawings, some crazy and some cute. These two were middle-of-the-road, but I thought they'd be a good 2nd post. Football themed.


Anonymous said...

great drawings! the eyes look great, a lot of life in them. do you use a marker, to give them that wet look?

Unknown said...

those are such great body situations, I've got to steal those for wonderland this season!
woot! one more month till spring training!

chris chUa! said...

man, it's awesome to see you doing live sketches again. your coloring/linework is ridiculous! I don't understand how you can get that look with the same artstix and markettes that we all use. I hope to work with you sometime soon. anxiously awaiting more pictures! can we get some side by side comparison shots by any chance? I find them very helpful.