Response to Anonymous

I've received a lot of comments on the "Mr. Anonymous" update, and I got some great emails. I'm putting one here because it's an interesting response and one that I agree with. His voice is quite unique (not an "inside-voice") and he gets to his point without messing around. I see it as a great response to "Mr. Anonymous." Here it is, a bit edited (for brevity). From artist Tony Cabral:

I know you invited folks to be "as sincere and open as they are quick and crass", but I find quick and crass to be short and to the point.

F*** that sh**.

I probably don't have to tell you that people just don't get what caricature is all about. Caricature isn't about picking on people or 'being an asshole' or finding fault. It's just the opposite; it's finding what makes people who they are. The best portraiture is closest to caricature, and the best caricature is a thousand times better than that.

I'm a fan and a great admirer of your work, ESPECIALLY the live stuff. The one thing what's-his-face got right was that you have "the gall to do this shit" in a live setting. More like guts; it takes guts to approach a subject the way you do that close in that amount of time. You've got an immense talent and a particular genius for this particular brand of observation. I'm a fan of Frank Caliendo for the same reason I'm a fan of yours... The best comedians do it with words, the best musicians do it with sound, you do it with line.

I spent a brief, almost ineffectual time doing live caricature when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I got sick of drawing people's babies and toddlers and watching adults chicken out of sitting down. Those that did would say things like, "Now, draw me pretty!" How about I draw you quiet, doofus... It's something I do these days for myself only, when the mood strikes. The fact that your particular voice is so strong and vibrant is something that I admire greatly. I'm really looking forward to getting my copy of "REJECTS", because it strikes me as a great testament to a great talent against the people who, one way or another, just don't get it.

The only other thing I can think to say is that the one thing that keeps me off the internet with my own blog or website or whatever is that I am very much aware that, for every person you want to reach, you're going to reach a handful who don't get it, don't like it, or just have nothing better to do than piss all over you. I have little to no patience for that. Good on ya for braving the storm.

Anyway, just keep doing what you're doing. For the rest of us... F*** that sh**.

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