Prismacolor Sketches

Prismacolor is owned by the company that develops Sharpie markers, SANFORD. I've been using Prismacolor Art Stixx for years, in my live caricature. The pencils are wonderful, and in stick form they are just as great. They're very useful for putting down broad strokes of color and layering, progressively.

The Prismacolor markers are great for toning large areas, sketching, or just getting a controlled watercolor look. They blend well and you can create edges if you know how to use them.

Lately, I've been going to a lot of shows and conventions to promote my book, REJECTS, and I'm signing a lot of books and sketching caricatures of patrons and fellow artists. One thing I've found is that I love using a simple ink-pen, much like a Micron or Pitt pen, but recently I discovered that Prismacolor has just released a fine-tip pen, called the Prismacolor FINE LINE Marker.

The FINE LINE is superior in its durability. It lasts until the ink is gone, and I find that it flows a bit more like a crow-quill or pen nib, despite being a felt-like, synthetic material. The tip holds up, and the ink is quite rich. It's waterproof and doesn't smear with the Prismacolor markers, so I get sketches out like the one above, in just minutes and don't have to worry about a thing.

If you get a chance, I'll be in Orlando, FL in a week for the comic convention, and if you stop by I'll show you more sketches with these materials. Drop by an art store or go online and order a box and you won't be disappointed. They're great for pen-ink work or just sketching.


Jeff Pecina said...

if i had 100 spare bucks
i'd get cool art supplies like u can.
check out my bloggy some time joe.
i would like any feed back i can get.

Nelson Santos said...

humm have to get hand on one of those.

Faboun'e said...

I just saw the video where you make a dog with graphic tablet draw... It' s amazing and it seem realy easy to do when you make it.. I got to go to training and learn again with your videos.. thanks...

Tim Bye said...

Great tips Joe! You're very open about your techniques / equipment and approach - I really appreciate that! Yours is one of several blogs I visit and learn something. thanks

Anonymous said...

You're an animal, Joe. I've noticed that you've started doing alot more Prismacolor marker caricatures. I like the water-colorly look alot...so much, that I ate a whole pizza today.
But in all honesty, it looks tits!

BTW- Everyone loves the You Tube videos here at Knotts!